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德勝科技推出10G SFP+ to SFP+ 光纖模塊

The TGM-C110 is a compact media converter having two available SFP+ interface ports. Installation and setup is plug-n-play easy. Protocol transparent conversion and 3R (Re-amplification, Re-shaping and Re-clocking) regeneration design, the converter supports seamlessly various SFP+ fiber transceivers in the market.


The 10G SFP+ fiber to fiber converter can be used in the following applications:

nUsed to convert multi-mode fiber signal to single-mode fiber signal for
  fiber mode conversion

nUsed to convert single-mode fiber signal to single-mode fiber signal
  for fiber cabling extension

nUsed to converter multi-mode or single-mode fiber signal to CWDM or
  DWDM single mode signal for CWDM or DWDM applications


The TGM-C110 converter module can be inserted into Ruby’s CR-2600 managed chassis for CO site rack mount application. It can also be inserted into Ruby’s CP-E100 (one slot) and CP-E200 (two slots) small chassis for CPE site standalone application. 


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